A Visitor Returned


We first discovered this little cutie in our mudroom late last fall.  It had popped its head out from under the electrical closet door and Nora caught a glimpse.  She wasn’t sure what it was at first and alerted me to our new guest.  I was able to catch a quick glimpse myself at the time – enough to determine that she was a long-tailed weasel.  As former ferret owners, we were thrilled to have such a house guest.  I sat at the open closet door for some time trying to coax her back out, to no avail.  We worried that the little thing wouldn’t make it through the winter under the house or in the foundation, wherever it resided.

But it would seem she did!  The other day Nora snapped this photo and sent it to me while I was at work.  Magnolia and Tilly had alerted her to the weasel’s presence.  She must still be using the space under the mudroom as her base camp, and we’re assuming one of her points of ingress and egress is under the steps leading out into the dog area.  I just love her inquisitive face!