Weekend Wildlife

As spring continues to warm, breathing life into the foliage and blossoms, the birds and other wildlife are becoming more active around the house. We spotted two types of birds that we've never before seen on the property, the Eastern Kingbird and the Eastern Phoebe, and even saw a coyote trotting down the side of... Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring

We put two nesting boxes in our orchard a couple of years ago.  They sit on opposite sides of the space, probably 200' or so apart.  Last year, a tree sparrow couple took up residence in the one closest to the house and graced us with a family of 5 that spent the summer pirouetting over... Continue Reading →

Tree Swallows

We put this bird house in the orchard last year and were delighted when a pair of tree swallows made it their home.  Our couple returned this year; we couldn't be happier.  We have a 2nd bird house on the opposite side of the orchard near the sheep, and a lovely pair of bluebirds seem... Continue Reading →

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