I’m slowly making my way around the garden borders for the first of the season clean-up — edging, weeding, dividing and relocating as needed.  Sadly, it’s already June 11th and I’m only half way there!


I have no idea how I ended up with more than 13 mixed borders, a vegetable garden, an orchard (fruit trees, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and currants), and a separate, rather large, pumpkin patch (thankfully planted over with a green manure crop this season to rebuild the soil).


I think my garden has expanded past the size that I can comfortably handle…


And yet, I’ve already enlarged the gazebo border this season (as in I’ve covered it with cardboard and straw to kill the grass; not that I’ve actually found the time to plant it out yet).



I can’t seem to stop myself!  Reminds me of the following quote by Phyllis McGinley…

“The trouble with gardening is that is does not remain an avocation.
It becomes an obsession.”


When, I ask myself constantly, is enough, enough?  I’ve made 3 trips to the local nursery this week AND ordered plants online from Bluestone Perennials because they wisely sent me a 50% off email – they knew I couldn’t resist the compulsion to buy more plants!  I feel like I need an intervention.

Late Spring


“Odd as I am sure it will appear to some, I can think of no better form of personal involvement in the cure of the environment than that of gardening” – Wendell Berry


“In June, as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day.  No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them.” – Aldo Leopold


May is the month of great anticipation, but the garden truly comes alive in June.  Everyday brings new blooms, a subtle change in the pervasive shades of green throughout the garden, and returning bird, bee and butterfly guests.


The energy is palpable as the garden prepares for its peak performance; everything sits vibrating with anticipation, on the cusp…