First Hard Frost

We had our first hard frost on the 17th; a low of 31 degrees.  It was cold enough to ensure that the dahlias, coleus, cannas, and other tender perennials were done for the season. I awoke to a world dusted in white and came home after work to blackened foliage throughout the garden. The first... Continue Reading →

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2017

Happy Halloween all!  Thank you Carol for continuing to host the monthly GBBD. It's been an unpredictable autumn here in northern NY.  We started out cool and wet in August, and then rocketed into 3 weeks of 80-90 degree weather with no rain in September.  October has been unseasonably warm as well, but thankfully we've... Continue Reading →

Autumn Walk

We walked in our woods yesterday morning.  It was chilly, a bit cloudy, and the air had that wonderful earthy, autumn smell.  There is something grounding -- spiritual -- about an early morning walk among the glorious trees, the multi-colored leaves pirouetting in their final, slow dance to the ground, the trees whispering shared secrets... Continue Reading →

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