Welcome! For those of you who followed Nora and me at Sleepy Dog Farm (http://sleepydogfarm.blogspot.com/) over the past couple of years, this is a spin-off blog.  We started our adventure in North Country in May 2011 with the exciting notion of becoming “homesteaders.”  Now, almost 5 years later, we’re still living on our small farm with our dogs, hens, ducks and sheep, and a multitude of local wildlife.  The 5 or so acres immediately surrounding our 1860s farmhouse, now feature a sheep pasture, small orchard, potager and, at last count, 6 separate garden spaces with mixed borders.   The additional 130+ acres of woods and wetlands remain a wildlife haven.

Although less focused on the many skills and heirloom crafts that true homesteading requires, I remain passionate about gardening and, some would say, obsessed with climate change and the careless, systematic destruction by humanity of our planet.  As such, my gardening has a decidedly organic (i.e., no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers of any kind) and wildlife friendly bent to it.  Since I also garden in one of the less hospitable climates in the U.S. – dancing playfully between zones 3 and 4 – I also stay clear of exotics and tender perennials.  I don’t have a greenhouse in which to baby such needy plants.  So only the hardiest of varieties find their way into my gardens.

This blog is my gardening journal, and will no doubt also become the forum for my political rants about climate change and our need, as a society, to move away from rampant consumerism.  Consider yourself forewarned.


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  1. Your garden looks lovely! I loved your Gandhi quote and agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I think I am going to enjoy your blog! Thank you


    1. It certainly is! Loved your article on Tasha Tudor’s Garden in February and tried to comment, but couldn’t get it to post for some reason! But what a beautiful garden and such a fascinating life history! Thank you so much for introducing her to us! The book on her garden is definitely on my Christmas wish list. Thank you


  2. Sorry, just saw this comment. Tasha certainly was a fascinating person, and what energy! You should read “The Private Life of Tasha Tudor” by Tasha and Richard Brown as well. You get more incite into her other “hobbies” and the book has great photos of her home in Vermont, Corgi Cottage, and her gardens.

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  3. Thanks for the recommendation- I have definitely been thinking about it- hopefully next birthday!!! Am really enjoying your blog and have just nominated it for the Versatile Bloggers Award- my blog post about it will be on the 16th February 2017. Happy Gardening and enjoy the advent of Spring! Such an exciting time!!!


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