Weekend update

While there are not many spectacular flower blossoms to photograph and share yet, much has been happening on the “Farm.”  Fruit trees, lilacs, berry bushes, willows, and red maples are all beginning to bud.


Of course the daffs and fritillaria are up as well.


Birds are arriving from the south in droves and have settled in for their mating rituals and nesting.  Others, such as the pileated woodpeckers below, have been here all winter, but are much more active now.  We think the two below were engaged in courtship – there was much rubbing together of beaks and some wild dancing and flapping of wings on the part of the male.  Wonderfully silly to watch, but she seemed to be digging it.


The peepers have been up and at it for awhile now, and the ponds are laden with frog spawn.

The humans have been very busy as well.  On Saturday, Nora, Jim and I planted over 110 tree and shrub seedlings (I gave some of the 150 to our friends to plant on their 400 acre property in Hermon), as well as some gifts (yellow day lilies, bee balm, hosta and bearded irises) from another friend who was doing a little dividing and conquering on his property.

Also accomplished this weekend: asparagus bed weeded and fed; duck coop received its spring cleaning (the most disgusting spring job on the property); boxes of annuals acquired and ready to go into containers; new cherry tree planted in the cherry grove in the orchard; some potting out of tomatoes, peppers, and milkweed in the indoor nursery; and potatoes and the remainder of the leeks planted in the potager.

Lastly, I’m delighted to report that the organic, non-till, compost and mulch method of gardening is working!  We started the non-till approach roughly 3 years ago, I think, and the soil was heavily clay.  Now, the beds we were working in this past weekend are showing wonderful signs of life and health; dark, rich, well-draining soil with loads of worms!  It’s fabulous to see.

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  1. Lovely to see the garden coming to life, Lyn, and well done with the soil improvement. Those woodpeckers are quite something with their edgy red ‘dos’!

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      1. When they became available, I got two black currants, a red currant and a white currant. I doubt any of them will be very happy, but if I am going to try them, I want to try variety.


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