I know there is little I can do for them, but I worry about the wildlife during stretches of extreme cold such as the one we’re currently experiencing.  Can they find shelter?  Can they find enough food?  Can they withstand day after day of sub-zero temps?

Yesterday we were delighted to see a visiting flock of wild turkeys.  They found the first feeder on the northeast side of the house in the shade garden, then eventually wandered over to the group of feeders in the rose garden on the south side.

Continuing their search for food, several wandered down the snow-blown path toward the hen and duck coops and found one of the crab apple trees.

IMG_0340 (1).JPG

I planted ten or so crab apple trees a couple of years ago — two near the house, and the remainder along the wood line — to provide food for the deer and birds during the rougher winter months.  So, I was thrilled when N spotted two brave souls balancing precariously on the top, thin branches happily eating apples.  The others weren’t up for the high-wire act, and remained scratching below for food.  Eventually they meandered toward the wood line, sat down for awhile presumably to rest and warm their feet, and then disappeared into the woods.  We scattered more bird seed for them in the hope they return today.


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  1. Those are nice looking turkeys. Ours are not native. They are grungy white, and can dig in the garden. I do not like turkey much, but these are pretty good when my neighbor gets them. Unfortunately, they have become problematic in some areas.


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