Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2017


Happy Halloween all!  Thank you Carol for continuing to host the monthly GBBD.

It’s been an unpredictable autumn here in northern NY.  We started out cool and wet in August, and then rocketed into 3 weeks of 80-90 degree weather with no rain in September.  October has been unseasonably warm as well, but thankfully we’ve had a little more rain.  The trees don’t know what to do, and sadly as a result, we have rather lackluster color this year.


The vegetable garden has been put to bed, but I still have a fair amount of clean-up left to tackle in the mixed borders.  I do tend to leave many of the perennials standing to offer seeds and cover for the wildlife.  It gives the garden a rather messy appearance until the snow falls, but it’s worth it.

A stroll around the garden this morning yielded the following blooms (more than I would have anticipated).  As you can see, we had some rain last night, so most of the blooms are looking a tad damp.


Hyacinth Bean – this vine is easily 10 feet tall and has displayed gorgeous foliage much of the summer, but hadn’t produced a single flower until a couple of weeks ago.  I have it growing over the entrance arch to the vegetable garden as well, and plan on growing more next season.



Sweet Pea ‘Chocolate Flake’ — this has put in quite the performance this season.  The seeds were a gift from a friend and I planted them in a couple of locations.  This one is climbing the arbor near the patio; others are keeping the Hyacinth Bean vine company in the veg garden.

The dahlias continue to bloom, although tomorrow evening may be their undoing.  We’re expecting a low of 31 degrees overnight.


A rather weary looking Dahlia ‘Worton Blue Streak’
Dahlia ‘Twinkle Toes’ still going strong
Honestly, I’m not sure what variety this is. I received crates of red dahlia tubers from a fellow gardener a couple of years ago.
A delightful addition to the hot border this year, Dahlia ‘Calhoun Moon’
Always spectacular – Dahlia ‘David Howard’




It’s beginning to drop its petals, but I still enjoy the look of the Hydrangea paniculata ‘Pinky Winky’

I grow Salvia farinacea ‘Victoria Blue’ from seed every year; usually lots of it.  I love it underplanted around the roses, and in clumps planted in various other borders.  Generally it’s a strong performer in the late summer/early fall when many of the early to mid summer perennials are spent.  Unfortunately, this year the wacky weather seems to have taken its toll.  I ended up with a smattering under a white floribunda in the front border and a few scattered plants in the rose garden.  Very disappointing.



Rosa ‘Bolero’ – still blooming


A couple of other surprises from the front borders:

Several Phlox paniculata still blooming.  The white variety is ‘David.’  Not sure about the pink variety.  The little yellow blossoms are potentilla, and the top right are some dianthus that I grew from seed.

Happy GBBD everyone!

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