Rainy Sunday


Thunderstorms are rumbling through right now, along with some torrential rain, so my gardening was cut a little short today.  I love thunderstorms though, so I’m content to sit in my darkening kitchen typing this post, rather than being outside weeding and deadheading peonies.

Have I mentioned that it’s been an abnormally cool and wet spring and early summer? We’ve had rain 6 out of the past 7 days, and that’s been the norm since April.

The vegetable garden is less than pleased, but the perennials and newly planted trees and shrubs are loving it.  So are the weeds, which have taken over every border I’ve yet to get to for “spring” clean-up (i.e., weeding, edging and mulching)…at this rate I might make it through the final border by fall!

Below are some photos of the plants in bloom this weekend.  Enjoy!

Astilbe beginning to flower in the shade garden


The last hoorah for the peonies for this season
Finally some of the clematis is making its way up the arbor
A shrub rose that I grew from a cutting from a local gardener – no idea what type it is, but it blooms like crazy all summer long — with catmint underplanted
Astilbe in the front with Sweet William, Spirea and yet to open Shasta Daisies behind
Alnwick Rose – a shrub rose bred by David Austin; repeat flowering and wonderfully fragrant, I selected it for the new rose hedge last year.  I planted 11 of them in an arc to close off the new rose garden.  They will hopefully reach their full height of 3-4 feet next season.
A new addition in the rose garden this season, Heuchara ‘Red Sea.’  I’m in love with this foliage!
Allium seedhead with water droplets in the rose garden
Clematis ‘Venosa violacea’ – the 1st blossom of the season with loads more to come
View of portions of shade garden (forefront), circle garden and peony border from upstairs hall window
I don’t recall planting this, but I think it’s Campanula barbata (Bearded Bellflower). If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!
Hippolyte Rose – an old rose that is cold-hardy.  I added this one last year in the rose garden.  I love the deep purple color; the photo doesn’t accurately capture the color.
Dianthus hybrid
Sweet William – I grow these from seed so the colors are always a surprise

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