Baby Robin


We’ve been quite lucky this spring.  We’ve been graced with an Eastern Phoebe nesting in our sheep barn; building her nest atop a light fixture.  She successfully hatched 3 babies, who seemed to take very little time at all to go from tiny creatures to full fledglings flitting about the barn for a day or two, and then poof – gone into the wild.

We also had a couple of tree swallows who nested in the bird house situated between the orchard and sheep pasture.  I just noticed a couple of young ones flying about with the parents the other day.  They’ll be heading out soon as well.

Lastly, we had a female robin take up residence in an old robin’s nest atop out front door. She gave it a little make-over (everyone’s a critic) before settling in to lay her eggs.  There were 3 eggs, but the babies have hatched and as of yesterday, I’ve only see two heads pop up whenever I’ve stepped out onto the porch to water the container plants.  This morning, Nora noticed that one of the young ones (photo above) had left the nest.  

Mom is still very much around, bringing a constant supply of worms and screaming vociferously whenever we even contemplate stepping out the door.  I expect we’ll see the 2nd one venture out soon.

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