Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2017


Quite a few changes in the garden between the time I left on vacation the 3rd week in April and yesterday.  We had torrential rains while I was away, leaving many of the borders and much of the lawn under inches of water.  We had a fairly rainy weekend as well, but softer showers which were able to seep into the ground as quickly as it arrived leaving everything green and sparkling with rain drops.


Despite the rather wet weekend, I was able to get a little planting done in the vegetable garden.  Another 50 or so walla walla sets went in, as did the first planting of carrots and beets, into the raised beds.  The regular beds are still too soaked to plant.  The week is looking dry and warm however, so hope to get the lettuces, kale, chard and a few other types of seeds planted.  I’m feeling a couple of weeks behind due to the trip.


I was able to get a little spot weeding done in some of the flower borders.  I also bought and planted 3 Japanese Willows (Salix integra ‘Hakaro Nishiki’), two in the front yard and one in the back next to the gazebo, and a Gold Thread Cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Filifera Aurea’) in the rock garden.  Picked the first rhubarb of the season on Saturday, and we’ve been cutting asparagus since we returned; looks like a banner crop this year.


The majority of yesterday, however, was spent planting out 20+ containers.  I still have another 7 to fill, but ran out of annuals.  I feel another trip to the nursery coming on!  Sadly it will have to wait until after work today.  Alas, Monday has arrived…


Here are a few other photos, taken yesterday, of what’s blooming in the garden.


One of the late blooming varieties of daffs in the borders
One of the pear trees now loaded with blossoms
Okay, this isn’t blooming yet, but the black currants are loaded with buds
Pear blossoms
There are few things as delicious as freshly cut asparagus


11 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – May 2017

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  1. The garden looks lovely. Where about are you in the world? It’s interesting to note your weather (aren’t us gardener obsessed by it!). In the SW Uk where I am we have had an extraordinarily dry Spring which has seen about 6-8 weeks with very little rain. It’s broken today thank goodness, and we are in for a wet week. This means that my garden is about 3 weeks ahead. All the tulips have gone over and my lupine are about to flower. The cherry blossom stopped flowering just after Easter. I love reading about your garden. It looks glorious.


    1. I live in the northern most part of NY, near the St. Lawrence River and Canadian border. We’re zone 4 here, so temps as low as -30 degrees in winter. Long winters, but fabulous springs and autumns! Sorry to hear about your dry spell. We were in Ireland for 2 weeks at the end of April/beginning of May, and we had 1 day of rain during the entire visit. Highly unusual for them, and not good from a drought perspective, especially along the west coast. I’m happy to hear you’re getting a bit of rain this week.

      And thanks for the compliments on the garden!

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  2. The differences in growth and bloom times across zones and countries are amazing, aren’t they? I can’t imagine not picking asparagus at the same time as the daffs and tulips are blooming 🙂 When do you pick asparagus in your part of the UK?


  3. Wow, the asparagus looks healthy! We have never had success with growing it. Maybe our soil on the west side of Cascades is too acidic? Anyhow, spring has definitely sprung around your property and the flowering plants look soft and delicate. Happy days of spring

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