What’s Blooming


As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks.  The garden started to awaken in my absence (weeds included, of course, and I won’t even discuss what the edges look like).


Unfortunately, many of the borders are also under water thanks to the endless rain, but better rain than drought!


Looking ahead in this week’s forecast, it appears we should have 4-5 dry days, so hopefully that will give the water time to seep into the ground.


We’re also anticipating 3 overnights at or below 32 degrees, so no rush to get things in the ground yet. I just hope the freeze doesn’t damage the fruit blossoms and certain perennials, such as the hosta and peonies, that have already shot up a fair amount of growth.


The orchard: daffs all blooming, as well as one of the plum trees.  I’ve planted 300 or so bulbs in the area over the last 2 years.  Plan on adding another 400 this fall.  I want the orchard awash in daffs by next spring. 



Bleeding Heart in bloom already!



A small portion of the peony border.  Rarely have I seen this much growth on the peonies this early in May.  I hope they’re not damaged by the freezing temps over the next couple of nights.


2 thoughts on “What’s Blooming

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  1. Your tulips are AMAZING. Such a burst of color.

    I never get around to planting bulbs and I kick myself every year at this time when I see everyone’s tulips and daffodils.


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