Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – April 2017

This is my first time participating in the monthly bloom day meme hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.  I certainly can’t offer the spectacular range of colorful blooms that many of the bloggers have posted today.  I’m afraid, up here in very northern NY, we’ve barely stepped out of winter.

But the somewhat warmer temps of the past week, along with plenty of rain, have spurred some growth.  I’m excited to see what had been the predominantly browns of the pasture and yard start to show some green.  The daffs and tulips have also begun to send up green shoots.  But blooms are still a bit sparse.  I did manage to find the following among the messy beds however.

Hellebores above and below – I have no idea what species since they were part of a mix packet that I planted 4 or 5 years ago.


Crocus sieberi I think.  I didn’t plant the crocus or the snowbells.  They were all in the garden when I arrived and I have disrupted many of them as I have expanded the borders.


Crocus biflorus perhaps?


Galanthus nivalis – the common snowdrop


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