End of Month View: March 2017

Still frozen in time…

I discovered this “monthly meme” through another blog I follow, Carolee’s herbalblessingblog, and thought it looked like fun.  It’s also a wonderful way to track the growth and bloom throughout the garden – in photos and narrative – on a monthly basis.

Thanks to Helen, The Patient Gardener, for dreaming up and hosting this monthly sharing.   Visit her blog to find links to other marvelous, garden creations.

While many of the garden bloggers in England already had a fair amount of green and even some color in their gardens at the end of February, I thought there was absolutely no point in photographing the frozen ground under tufts of lingering snow, the untrimmed and messy remains of last year’s blooms, and burlap wrapped evergreens — the extent of what you would have seen in my garden at the end of February.  Granted, we could at least see ground, which for those of us living in northern NY was quite a gift in February, but it was most decidedly not spring-looking.

But much to my dismay, March looks the same!!  No, correction, worse.  We have more snow on the ground.

Patio and herb bed under snow and water
Small border on side of back porch – still no clean-up as you can see from the caged roses, dead growth from last season’s perennials, and pine boughs over the peonies 
One of the borders in front – still a mess
But wait…there may be some hope yet.  A few brave shoots challenging the lingering winter
Backyard looking over the circle garden, which you can’t see, and into the coop areas
Looking into the rose garden and beyond into the orchard and sheep pasture.  Will this snow ever leave us?  More due in this morning, but then turning to rain.  Ugh.


5 thoughts on “End of Month View: March 2017

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  1. Frosty or not, you have a spectacular garden! Thanks for sending the link.

    And I agree that’s it fun to see photos of gardens from other parts of the world, although In Feb. and March, I’m usually feeling a little envious of all of you in more temperate climates.


  2. I always get discouraged when the snows keep coming at this time of year, but a sweet lady that also has winter until May always says to look at it as “free fertilizer”—those extra snows are a boon to the soil. I guess. But wow, some dirt to play in would sure be nice ……

    I’ve come over from Carolee’s blog and am enchanted by your winter garden. Can’t wait to see what spring brings.


  3. Welcome Susan and Lea! I do try to look at the bright side — more water in the event we have a dry summer, some insulation for those below freezing evenings that are inevitable at this time of year — but I agree with you. It sure would be nice to have some dirt in which to play!

    But we just received another couple of inches of snow overnight…looks like playing in the dirt will be reserved for sowing more seeds indoors.


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