Garden update

As usual, it’s not been a stellar start to March.  The month arrived with its typical, unpleasant  fervor.  Cold temperatures — in the negatives yesterday with wind chill and a toasty -2 this morning on wake-up — with some snow showers off and on over the past couple of days.  Looks like were heading for some warmth (30s and 40s) over the next few days though, so we can all thaw out once again.  The ducks and hens will be eternally grateful.

So, as you may imagine, not much happening in the garden, except for the necessary pruning, which I will get back to today.  I pruned the young fruit trees and Japanese Willows last weekend.


I also started my inside seed sowing last weekend, and will plant another cell pack of 50 today.  To-date, the following have been sown:  salvia (Victoria, Flare, and Fairy Queen), pinks, Sweet William, Echinacea, Gaillardia,  foxglove, 4 varieties of sweet peas and cauliflower (“Purple of Sicily” — I love the color of this cauliflower!).  I won’t sow any additional seeds for another 3 weeks.


Sweet William, grown from seed, and planted last spring in the new rose garden


Wildlife update: the spring/summer birds are returning to the area.  As mentioned, I’ve seen flocks of Canadian Geese flying overhead, and our family of very large crows have returned, as have the starlings.  We love having the crows back.  They are marvelous watch dogs and keep the circling hawks from eating the hens!  Granted, I become somewhat less enamored with them with they start helping themselves to my edamame seedlings – apparently a delicacy in their world.  But life’s often a trade-off, right?

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