Crazy Weather

It's February 25th today and we're expecting a high of 62 degrees.  That's just craziness.  Almost all of the snow we received a week or so ago has melted.  Flocks of Canadian geese were flying in overhead this morning.  I was seeing robins in January.  This is not normal.    


What a life

Apparently it was a rough afternoon...

“PlantPure Nation”

Some disturbing facts from the documentary "PlantPure Nation": Large, mono-crop agribusinesses use fuel-intensive equipment and high amount of pesticides and herbicides; trillions of dollars in subsidies are provided to these companies every year in the U.S. - at the expense of the health and wellbeing of U.S. citizens The number of small farms in the U.S. have... Continue Reading →

A Touch of Spring

Three months of tulips and hyacinths - a wonderful Christmas gift from Nora, courtesy of White Flower Farm.  Such a marvelous work of beauty in the midst of winter.

Yesterday’s Visitor

The deer have had an easier than usual time of it this winter with little snow cover; so plenty of food in the woods.  However, the foot of snow we received on Sunday sent them meandering through our backyard in search of food - right to the apple and crab apple trees.


Despite wishing it were not so, winter persists.  Overnights have been in the single digits (negatives with wind chill) and the days in the teens.  We've had a week of snow, sleet and freezing rain with 6-10 inches of snow expected to arrive tomorrow into Monday.  The usual February weather.  So, to keep my spirits up, I... Continue Reading →

Getting Organized

In general, I'd say I'm a fairly organized person, and I've always used lists as a means of keeping myself organized.  As I get older, lists have become essential. I forget what I'm doing in the time in takes me to move from one room to another, let alone one week or one month to... Continue Reading →

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