We’re Free!

In a June 25th post, I introduced you to two wee little mice that I rescued from one of our chicken coops. They were no more than a week old judging from the closed eyes and tiny size.  For a week or more, until they opened their eyes, Nora and I fed them kitten formula (using a qtip) every couple of hours.

Once their eyes opened and they became more active, I switched them to gerbil food and water.  We bought them a gerbil cage with a wheel, which they loved, and ramps to run around on.  We tried not to become too attached knowing that we intended to release them back into the “wild” once they reached 6 weeks old.

Today we decided it was time… we brought the mice, still in their cage, out to the barn and placed it on some hay bales.  We tied open the door and waited for them to discover they were free to come and go as they pleased.  It didn’t take long. IMG_5661IMG_5662IMG_5663

Soon after the first ventured outside the cage, the other was not far behind.  We watched for 15 minutes or so as they ran in and out of the cage, ran on their wheel in their excitement, and finally settled back into their nest for a much needed nap. 

We’ll continue to provide food and water for the next couple of weeks while they acclimate, unless they wander off before then.  If they follow the lead of the chipmunks who inhabit the barn, they will quickly learn the ropes — where to find food, water and a warm spot to curl up in.  We wish them well and we’ll miss them.

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