Late July in the Garden

The gardens look tired in late July; tattered from the relentless Japanese beetle attacks and this season, from the lack of rain.  The June blooms are spent and have been removed.  Some of the perennials, such as the catmint, Lady’s Mantle, dianthus and hardy geraniums will bloom again in August – although much less showy than in June.  Many of my repeat blooming roses are taking a little hiatus right now as well, but will also bloom again in mid to late August.  Some of the late summer/fall perennials are beginning to open, but the real fall display won’t commence until the red and orange dahlias are in full swing.

But despite the rather worn look of the gardens overall at the moment, there are pockets of the borders that still have some zing.  Below are some photos taken this morning.

This is one of the new borders in the rose garden (above and immediately below).  In bloom , Shasta daises, spirea, dahlias, salvia and astilbe




Above and immediately below — varieties of sweet peas


Lavender – a big hit with the bee population
Containers on the back porch still going strong

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  1. Thank you both, although I need to add more July color overall. After the spectacle of June, July always seems a tad lackluster in the gardens — except for the veg garden, which is growing in leaps and bounds right now, even with the lack of rain.


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