Much Needed Rain

Finally, we’re getting some much needed rain today.  It began in the early morning hours and has continued, often heavily, throughout the day.  We should get 1-2″ out of this series of storms.  We had a brief interlude between showers, so I ran outside and snapped some photos of the flower gardens.  Just in time it turns out; I hear thunder off to the west and see a line of dark clouds heading our way.

Despite the best attempts of the lily beetles, many of the lilies have bloomed beautifully.


Couldn’t resist the rain drop shot
The hollyhocks are doing well too, and have bloomed earlier this year than is their norm. The Japanese beetles inevitably get to them and make them look ratty, but I still love hollyhocks; to me they are one of the quintessential cottage garden flowers.


Purple poppy bent over from the weight of the rain

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  1. It’s always so good to get that rain! We have had quite a wet Winter this year, so it hasn’t been quite as cold and it has made transplanting and planting so much easier! Love the hollyhock photos! I must plant some seed this year!!!


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