Late June in the Veg Garden

Things get off to a slower start up here, so the vegetable garden is really just beginning to show signs of life.  Granted we’ve been harvesting asparagus, lettuce and kale for a few weeks already.  But to many, the garden would have looked remarkably bare until a few days ago.  Progress has not been aided by the below average rain fall or the fluctuating temps.

But we’ve received some much needed rain over the past 2 days and our temperatures have been consistently warmer (a little too warm this past weekend!).  With this, we’ve seen a bit of growth. I harvested the first of the snap peas, shelling peas and Swiss chard this evening.  Sautéed in a little olive oil and garlic, they made a nice add to this evening’s pasta.  Below are some photos from over the weekend – before the rains.

One of several young bunnies hanging about in the orchard right now.  This is why my veg garden is fenced!
One of the many “volunteer” poppies in the veg garden – self-seeded from last year
Shelling peas
The “Three Sisters” – pole beans, corn and acorn squash
Morning Glories growing up the tripod with zucchini and summer squash nearby; green bush beans in the  background and self-seeded chamomile in the pathway
Borage – the bees LOVE this

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