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I found these two little ones in the chicken coop last evening – not a safe place for baby mice!  I have no idea what possessed mother mouse to have her babies in a hen coop, nor was there any sign of mom or additional babies.  These two were wandering about and I almost stepped on one of them.  I suspect they’re no more than a week or two old.  Their eyes are not yet open and they’re about an inch long.  I didn’t have much hope that we could keep them alive, even overnight, but alas they’re still hanging in there!  I went out and picked up some kitten formula and have been feeding them every hour or so. 

 According to what I read online, once they open their eyes, they should be able to be weaned from the formula and started on small seeds (gerbil or hamster food).  They’re adorable and I do hope they make it.

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  1. They are doing fabulously! Thanks for asking. They both opened their eyes the other day and are now slowly being weaned from the kitten formula. We bought them a gerbil cage and they are happily running around and playing in the wheel. Very cute.


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