A Rose By Any Other Name…

Many of the roses have started to bloom in the garden, including several of this year’s new additions.

One of the new additions (above and below photos) — a David Austin rose called the “Generous Gardener.” This is from his English Rose collection and has a wonderful double/full bloom.  The fragrance is a mix of the old rose with hints of musk and myrrh.


This one is looking a little frayed around the edges from the rose chafers, which are out in force right now, but it’s a lovely hedge rose with a beautiful lavender colored, full bloom.  It’s already survived 3 North Country winters, so it’s a keeper.
Iceberg rose – a floribunda rose cultivar bred in Germany; it is a shrub rose that produces an abundance of blooms and is a repeat bloomer.  Although a shrub rose, I’ve trained mine to run along the split rail fences in a rambling fashion.
Tucked in among the penstemon, this rose has numerous, tiny light pink blooms.  It’s called a Pink Grootendorst and is cold-hardy.  It forms a strong, bushy shrub and flowers continuously once it starts in mid-June.
“Great Maiden’s Blush” – a shrub rose with delicate pink blossoms, this rose has a lineage dating back to pre-15th century.  It blooms only once, but the bloom period can last up to 6 weeks.  Very cold hardy.

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