The Veg Garden is In!

Whew, the planting is done!  The last of the veggie seeds were sown this morning, and the last of the seedlings was potted into a container.  Between the seeds, the 300+ seedlings grown inside this winter and the plethora of annuals I purchased, I wasn’t sure I was ever going finish.  The 3 day weekend certainly helped. 

I even managed to weed, edge and mulch the hot border as I planted the dahlias, transplanted some rudbeckia ,and planted a new red rose given to me as a birthday gift.  The hot border, as you may surmise from the name, includes only yellow, red and orange flowers.  It gets both eastern and southern exposure.  The border is ridiculously long from a maintenance standpoint — roughly 75 feet or so — and between 5-6 feet wide.

It’s been a work in progress for the last couple of seasons and I’ve yet to get it where I want it.  I made quite a few additions last fall, including some red peonies, red and orange poppies, and various bright yellow and red lilies. 


Some no-name red dahlias were added this year, and the David Howard (orange) dahlias were just replanted into the border.  I also just planted some “Orange King” calendula seeds, which reach between 3-4′ tall, and some nasturtium seeds.  I’m hoping the mix of lilies, day lilies, poppies, peonies, rudbeckia, dahlias and annuals will give me color throughout the summer and into the fall.

Once I wrapped gardening for the day, I walked around and tried to capture some of the current blooms, as well as the ever watchful wildlife.

Don’t you love the wild tufts of hair on the ears?  One of our resident red squirrels.
Columbine in the shade garden
A view from the back porch toward the new rose garden and the patio.  The hedge border is still looking mighty bare, but it will take a couple of seasons before the roses and perennials fill out.
Anchusa Azurea ‘Dropmore’, also known as Italian Bugloss 
Bleeding Hearts in the new rose garden
One of several varieties of lilac in the rose garden

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