Planting update


I have most of the vegetable garden planted, other than the pumpkins.  Eggplant and pepper transplants went in on Friday afternoon.  Tomatoes, marigolds, watermelon, zinnias and cosmos went in yesterday.  We’re going on 2 weeks without rain and we’re in a heat wave (high 80s or low 90s the past couple of days), which is depressing and seems to be the new late May/early June norm.  The soil in the vegetable garden is like dust on the surface.  So sad to see.  I spend at least an hour or more watering every morning between the veg garden and the new additions to the mixed borders, since the early days are crucial for seed germination and transplant health.

In stretches of heat and dryness such as this it’s also important to remember to provide fresh water for the birds, chipmunks and squirrels.  Although they are adept at finding water and can draw some moisture from insects and grasses, they seem to appreciate bird baths or shallow dishes of water as well.

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