Sunday’s Walk in the Woods

Sun reflecting off the marsh; this area in particular is a favorite spot of the spring peepers.  We heard much croaking and saw lots of frog spawn in the various wetland areas; both signs of a healthy amphibian population.
Miniature castle


Reed reflections


It was a great day for wildlife spotting.  Nora was lucky enough to come upon two browsing deer.  Unfortunately I was lagging behind to take photos and missed that opportunity.  But this little gem, an Eastern Garter snake, slithered up behind us further into our walk.  She hung out while I snapped several photos and remained there watching us intently as we walked away.

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Walk in the Woods

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  1. LOL, thankfully I don’t mind snakes. We have quite a few that find their way onto the property near the house, and some that are especially fond of the sheep barn. Once you get past the initial startle factor, they’re completely harmless.


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