In the Vegetable Garden…

This past week and weekend was a busy one in the vegetable garden.  My brother, Jim, constructed some beautiful arches out of maple saplings.  They stand sentry at the eastern gate of the garden.  I’ll plant snap peas, scarlet runner beans and possibly some nasturtium to grow up and over the arches.  They need to be quite sturdy to withstand the winds that whip across the pasture and orchard (even though we’re surrounded by woods on the southern and western sides of the property).IMG_4374

I also planted the shallots, yellow and red onion sets, walla wallas (sweet onion), shelling peas, kale, dill and spinach.  This coming weekend I’ll plant the first round of beets, carrots and lettuces.  I use succession planting with those three in particular so that I can stretch out the harvest.  Tonight, after work, I’ll plant the snap peas and some additional shelling peas.  That will be it until we’re safely past the last possible frost date, which won’t be until May 18 or so (on average), then the remainder of the direct seeds and transplants go in.

My shearer arrived at 1pm yesterday and my 3 little dumplings, Jemima, Tallulah and Delilah, had their spa day.  They’ve now been sheared and had their hooves trimmed.  They must feel loads lighter and can now see without obstruction once again. 

While we were out at the barn shearing, Nora and a couple of friends who joined us to observe noticed two baby bunnies, each one sitting in opposite corners of the run-in. They were so adorable!  By the time I returned out to the barn to tuck in the sheep around 7 last evening, one had left the building.  The other remained huddled in the corner.  I told Nora if she was still there this morning, we might have a new pet.  She looks so vulnerable.  I won’t be able to resist the urge to scoop her up, bring her into the warm house (it was 30 degrees at waking this morning, and we’re expecting 20s over the next 2 nights) and protect her.IMG_4467



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