Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday, although a bit chilly with a high of 50, was another gorgeous, sunny day.  It was also a productive day on the “farm.”  I ran some errands in the early morning and was back home planting strawberries in the new planters by 8:30.IMG_4394

Jim built the planters using some old wood pallets we had laying about the place, and Nora painted them (the color is “minted lemon” although difficult to really see it in the morning light) .  I think they look wonderfully cheery, and it will be so much easier to maintain the berries above the ground.  Our grass is so resilient and persistent here that attempting to keep the three 50′ beds clear of weeds was becoming a nightmare and way too time consuming.  So as they aged and needed replacing, I let the beds go back to grass.  Last year was the first without fresh strawberries, and I missed them.  Hence the new planters.  So I bought 25 “Ozark Beauty” plants, an everbearing variety with a marvelous flavor and they make great jams as well. 

Planted on the sides, as well as the top


I won’t allow them to fruit this year, plucking off the blossoms as they appear.  I like to give them a year of sending all of their energy into building strong root systems.  They seem to produce more abundantly and last longer than average when I do so.

After planting, I did a quick weed through the asparagus bed and then on to the job of mucking out the winter bedding in the sheep barn.  Whew, there’s a tough, smelly job. Still feeling it in every aging muscle of my body this morning. It was a few hours of hard labor, but when it was finished the sheepies had a fresh, clean smelling home.  Cobwebs had been swept from the rafters, all straw removed and some diatomaceous earth scattered on the dirt and then covered with fresh straw.

The disgruntled sheepies; they dislike the wheelbarrow so refuse to come near the barn while I’m cleaning.  They’ll look a lot different after today’s shearing.   We’ll actually be able to see their eyes once again.


Some additional random shots from Nora.

A daffodil from the orchard.  I planted 200 naturalizing bulbs in the fall and will add more this year.  I’d like the entire orchard awash in yellow and white in the early spring.  They have the added benefit of deterring rodents and rabbits from munching on the trees.
A desiccated pumpkin on the compost heap. It’s outer shell hardened and cracked like an egg when touched.

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  1. I know, adorable aren’t they! I’ll have to snap some photos now that they’ve been sheared. It always takes me a few days to get use to the new look, but they’re much more comfortable without the 4 inches of fleece as the weather warms.


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