The Other “Wild” Animals on the Farm

The Elders: Magnolia, our lab-mastiff mix, and Wilma, the mastiff who thinks she’s a lap dog.
Mathilda (a/k/a Tilly) – our newest addition
The hens: we have a mix of Orpingtons, Lace Wyandottes, Barred Rock and Ameraucanas.  They provide us with eggs, fertilizer for the gardens, and are great bug hunters and soil aerators as well.
Our two Cayuga ducks, Izzy and Lily: full of personality and attitude; also fantastic snail and slug removers.  They often garden with me, especially when I’m weeding or turning over a new border.
Our three Southdown “Babydoll” sheep: Jemimah, Talulah and Delila.  I originally brought them on board for their fiber, but I really haven’t devoted the time I should to spinning.  Nonetheless, they’re adorable and their poos make marvelous fertilizer for the garden, plus they help keep the pasture mowed.


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