In the Vegetable Garden…

This past week and weekend was a busy one in the vegetable garden.  My brother, Jim, constructed some beautiful arches out of maple saplings.  They stand sentry at the eastern gate of the garden.  I'll plant snap peas, scarlet runner beans and possibly some nasturtium to grow up and over the arches.  They need to... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday, although a bit chilly with a high of 50, was another gorgeous, sunny day.  It was also a productive day on the "farm."  I ran some errands in the early morning and was back home planting strawberries in the new planters by 8:30. Jim built the planters using some old wood pallets we had laying... Continue Reading →


I snapped some shots of the first buds opening last evening.  Things seem almost 2 weeks earlier than "normal."

Rain Drops

There was a chill in the air this morning as I tended to the hens, ducks and sheep.  It rained a bit overnight leaving the grass and branches glistening in the early morning sun. I stopped to snap a shot of the many yellow finches gathered around the feeder. Another wonderfully, sunny morning...

The New Rose Garden

It started with a diseased tree and a David Austin catalog...Last summer we had to bring down a rather large, diseased tree.  Although it likely had a few more years in it, it was dropping some significantly sized branches every winter onto our patio area, dangerously close to the gazebo.  For safety reasons, we decided to... Continue Reading →

April Chores

We’re half way through April and we’re finally getting some warm, dry days.  This weekend promises to be spectacular with temperatures in the high 60s and sunny.  So, let the garden clean-up begin! Slated for this weekend and next: Weed and edge the raspberry beds.  I was remiss in my weeding of these beds towards... Continue Reading →

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