We’ve lost our way

“You have lost your reason and taken the wrong path.  You have taken lies for truth, and hideousness for beauty…”  (quote by Anton Chekhov)

Our world has become one where we seem only to value money and the things it can buy.  We believe the lies we are fed that tell us the more things we own, the happier we will be.  We believe that bigger houses, fancier cars, $1,000 designer purses are “beautiful” and therefore desirable.  We are wrong.

These beliefs have led to widespread discontent and a disconnect between one another, and perhaps more disturbingly, a disconnect between humanity and our planet and all other living beings on it.  We buy and dispose of things as though the tossed aside goods simply fall into the vacuum of space or some black hole, never to be seen again.  We ignore the destruction that swirls around us created by our own ignorant hand.  We assume there will be no debt to repay.  We are wrong.

We have collectively, as a society, taken the wrong path. 

But I choose to remain optimistic and believe that it’s not too late to find the right path.  When I look around and see the growing interest, especially among the younger generations, in organic farming, local foods, small businesses, animal rights, and the groundswell of support for a politician such as Bernie Sanders, and organizations like 350.org, I allow myself to feel a little hopeful.  When I see people ardently following the principles of permaculture to return some balance to our beautiful planet, things begin to seem a little brighter.  This world and all of its magnificence is really worth the fight.

perennial sunflowers


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