The Blah Period

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and we’ve had lots of sunshine over the past few days — even though the temps have barely broken the mid 30s during the day with overnight lows in the teens.  And, as excited as I am about the quickly approaching gardening season, I still get a case of the blahs when I look around at the landscape outside.


Nothing but shades of brown with the occasional subdued splash of green from the conifers.  When I look closely of course, I see signs of life everywhere.  The beds in the photo above have lots of green basal growth under the spent foliage, and the daffs and tulips are breaking through the soil.  The view above and below will look so incredibly different in just 2-3 months. 

Because I can’t resist ordering more plants during these days of blah, I placed my order with Rich and Vanessa at Old Market Farm (down the road a bit in Potsdam) for 4 roses and 4 black currant plants.  Rich had given me 2 black currant plants last year to try out.  I planted them in one of the beds in the veg garden.  They didn’t fruit last year, but they’re looking healthy and promising so far this season — lots of new growth and buds.  I’m going to relocate those 2 plants and, with the 4 new ones, create a new bed between the raspberry beds (see below on the left side of the photo near the vegetable garden, sloping down the hill).  Each plant needs roughly 4-5′ of “shoulder space”, so a 30+ foot bed will work nicely and fill up that big empty space between the existing raspberry beds.  Rich assures me the berries make a delicious juice.  IMG_4064.JPG

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