Our Old Girl

We have an old apple tree on our property.  A knowledgeable friend of ours estimates that she could be 100 to 150 years old, which makes sense since our old farmhouse dates back to 1860 or  a tad earlier.  She’s  a bit weathered — showing her age much like the rest of us.  Her core is almost hollow and houses many chipmunks and squirrels.  She’s wonderfully craggy and ancient looking, and I’m sure she could tell the most marvelous stories if only we could communicate.  Despite her age and condition, she is covered in beautiful blossoms every spring and still bears a huge amount of wonderfully tart and juicy apples.

At Nora’s urging, I snipped  few year old branches from her today and we brought them over to a local rose and fruit grower who knows a bit about grafting.  He’s going to try and get us a couple of successful grafts so we can carry on the lineage of this glorious old tree.


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