Not Quite Spring Yet

Although significantly warmer today at 30 degrees, the snow flurries continue and more freezing rain in the forecast for late afternoon and overnight.  The predicted low for this coming week a distinctly non-spring like -6 degrees. I fear any significant signs of spring remain 2-3 weeks out.  Sigh.

Creating Wildlife Habitats

Regardless the size of your garden, you can create a series of habitats suitable for local wildlife.  To create such habitats, simply focus on the basics -- food, shelter and water.  While no one habitat will be suitable for every type of animals, it may suit the needs of several. For instance, the selection of certain bee-attracting... Continue Reading →

Sowing Seeds

The forecasters are predicting a "warmer than average" March and April for the northeast.  Of course its the "average" part that will trip folks up.  The sunny days that rise to a balmy 60-70 degrees tempt you to believe that spring has actually arrived.  The snow thaws, the snow drops and hellebores awaken, and the... Continue Reading →

Winter Interest

"Winter Interest" is a term used among gardeners to describe the planting of trees, shrubs and perennials that will not only become the “bones” (i.e., structure) of the garden and provide interest in the frigid, snow-laden days of winter, but will also provide some nourishment and/or shelter for the local wildlife.  My gardens are young... Continue Reading →

Gardening for Birds

Attracting birds to your garden is a fairly simple task.  If you have a good mix of trees, shrubs and flowers, you’re bound to attract some.  If you’ve setup a feeding station with supplemental food and a bird bath, expect to attract numerous species over the course of a year. Up north, some of the... Continue Reading →

February Blahs

Oh to live and garden in England where the daffodils are already in bloom.  Instead, I’m buried under a foot of snow (which, actually, is less than our norm at this time of year thanks to El Nino) with today anticipated to bring at least 5 inches of snow and a ½ inch of freezing... Continue Reading →

Wildlife Gardener

So, what does that mean exactly?  Well, for me, it means to garden with an eye toward creating a sanctuary for birds, bees and other wildlife.  To create an environment free of the toxins—the herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that are poisoning us and the world around us—in which the local wildlife can eat, breath... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Garden or Potager?

My thoughts on gardening continue to evolve. I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the past year reading books by the great British gardeners – Rosemary Verey, Gertrude Jekyll, Christopher Lloyd, Penelope Hothouse (why no Americans you may ask? Not sure. No doubt there are many, but perhaps they're too busy gardening to write... Continue Reading →

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